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Welcome to our flooring store, where quality and excellence meet at your feet. We're proud to announce that we're a Bona certified floor finish flooring store, guaranteeing top-tier services for all your hardwood flooring needs. Dive into the world of Bona certification and discover what sets our services apart.

What is a Bona certified floor finish dealer?

A Bona certified floor finish dealer is a recognition bestowed upon select flooring specialists by Bona, a leading name in hardwood flooring treatments and solutions. This certification implies a commitment to professionalism, superior craftsmanship, and an unwavering dedication to quality. When you choose our Bona certified store, you are opting for the following:

  1. Expertise: Certified professionals trained in the best techniques and practices.
  2. Quality: Use of premium Bona products known for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Assurance: The peace of mind that comes with the backing of a globally recognized brand.



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Installing hardwood floors

  • Choosing the right wood: It all starts with selecting the perfect hardwood that complements your interior and meets your requirements. As a Bona certified store, we have a vast array of premium hardwood options that are both sustainable and stunning.
  • Installation process: Our Bona-trained professionals ensure the wood is acclimatized, the subfloor is prepared, and the installation is executed flawlessly. We make sure to minimize waste, reduce disruptions, and ensure a clean and efficient installation.
  • Caring for your new floor: Post-installation, we guide you on the best practices to maintain the beauty and longevity of your new hardwood floor. This includes advice on cleaning, protecting against scratches, and the ideal environment for your floor.

Sanding floors

  • Why sand?: Over time, hardwood floors can lose their sheen due to wear and tear. Sanding revives your floor by removing the worn-out top layer, revealing the fresh wood beneath.
  • The Bona advantage: Our Bona certified professionals utilize dust-free sanding techniques. This means minimal mess and disruption, safeguarding your family's health and your home's beauty.
  • Customized finishes: Post-sanding, you have the freedom to choose a finish that aligns with your vision. Whether it’s glossy, matte, or somewhere in between, our Bona range of finishes promises durability and aesthetics.
Bona Certified floor finish in Southbury, CT from Dilley's Wood Flooring and Supplies

Refinishing hardwood floors

  • The need for refinishing: Refinishing is a combination of sanding floors and applying a fresh coat of finish. It's ideal for floors that have suffered significant wear, discoloration, or damage.
  • Precision at its best: Our Bona certified experts approach refinishing with meticulous care, ensuring every inch of the floor is treated uniformly.
  • Extended life: A well-executed hardwood refinishing not only makes your floor look brand new but also extends its life by providing an additional layer of protection against daily wear.

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As a Bona certified floor finish flooring store, we are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and service. From the initial selection to the final finishing touch, trust Dilley's Wood Flooring and Supplies to transform your space with the beauty and warmth of hardwood floors. Our showroom in Southbury, CT, serves Litchfield County, CT, Fairfield County, CT, Middlesex County, CT, New Haven County, CT, and Hartford County, CT. Call today!