COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Update

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Connecticut has shut down any non-essential businesses. However, Dilley Floors is categorized as an essential business and will remain open to assist you with any and all floors installations, refinishing services, and repairs!

Here are the steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our valued customers and staff remains the top priority:

Rigorous Sanitation

In our line of work, we sometimes encounter unsanitary situations. However, we have always been well equipped to navigate our way through these situations by following sanitary guidelines and practices.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are advising the technicians to practice social distancing, wear gloves / booties / face masks, repeatedly sanitize and or wash their hands, and clean their phones in between uses.
*Due to the increased demand for face masks, and all protective gear these may NOT be readily available for service calls.

Office Update

Our office is currently closed, but our staff is working from home. If you need to see any stain or any material samples, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (877) 729-5574 so we can schedule an appointment.

What You Can Do To Help

We are doing everything we can to keep our customers safe, and we kindly ask for your cooperation in doing the same for our staff.

If you or anyone in your home may have been exposed to COVID-19, please make sure our office is aware so our technicians can take the appropriate precautions when visiting your home. When our technicians are working in your home, we ask that you practice social distancing or wear a face covering.

If you are not feeling well, we ask that you notify us, especially if you have not yet seen a physician. Our schedule is flexible, and we will be more than happy to accommodate you with any rescheduling needs .

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our COVID-19 guidelines, please contact us through our website or call (877) 729-5574.

We wish for all our customers to stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times.
Roberto Prado
Dilley Floors Owner